Shia LaBeouf Takes a Plea Deal in Court

Shia LaBeoufKnown for his incredible acting talent in films like the “Transformers” series, “Wall Street” Money Never Sleeps”, “Lawless”, and the “Indiana Jones” franchise, among many others, as of late, Shia LaBeouf has been getting the wrong kind of attention.

In June of this year, LaBeouf was involved with an incident while at the famous Studio 54. Things became so bad that both night club security and the local police got involved. While watching “Cabaret”, he lit up a cigarette inside the building which is not only against club policy but against the law.

LaBeouf continued acting arrogant and rude, totally taking other play goers by surprise. According to one witness, he appeared to be extremely intoxicated. The witness went on to say that LaBeouf was playing “grab ass” with a few of the actors on stage. That was bad enough but reportedly, LaBeouf took things to an entirely new level when he began spitting on people in a rage.

As reported, he went even more ballistic after being confronted by security of the show. After disrupting the entire performance, LaBeouf threw out expletives to security screaming, “This is f***ing bulls***. Do you know my life? Do you know who the f*** I am?” However, things did not improve after law enforcement was called. He continued the tirade, which police took seriously. As a result, he was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, as well as criminal trespassing.

Shortly after pleading not guilty in court, LaBeouf was released on bond. In an interview, he admitted he was out of control and acted a fool inside New York City’s Studio 54. To make things right and remove the tarnish from his name, LaBeouf just pled guilty to the disorderly conduct charge. In return, he was ordered by the judge to complete six months of outpatient alcohol rehab, three already done.

In addition to the stint in rehab, LeBeouf has been ordered to stay out of trouble for six months. If he follows the instructions given by the judge, all charges associated with the Studio 54 incident will be removed from his record permanently. If not, he could face far stiffer penalties, not to mention percussions to his acting career.

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