Shoe Lawsuit Dismissed Against Paris Hilton

paris-620x400For more than a decade, Paris Hilton, an heir to the Hilton Hotel Empire, has been considered a fashion icon. She has a keen sense of style and is not afraid to take risks. Although not in the spotlight as much as she once was, behind the scenes Paris remains very much connected to the world of fashion, much like her sister Nicky who is a reputable fashion designer.

In addition to clothing, Paris has had multiple endorsements, one being Antebi Footwear Group. However, in May of 2014, she sued the company, stating that after completing her obligation to promote the product, she was not paid. In response to the lawsuit, Antebi Footwear Group filed a countersuit against her for $2 million. In court documents, the company claimed they had not done anything wrong and therefore, owed Paris nothing.

The documents filed by Antebi Footwear Group last May indicated that 33-year-old Paris had breached the Licensing Agreements by willfully, unlawfully, and without just cause, violated the conditions of the agreement by engaging in the licensure, promotion, distribution, marketing, and sale of a competing company.

The company went on to say that Paris had actually released a footwear line called “Parisian Parc” in conjunction with a competitor, Retouch Brands. As such, the agreement with Antebi was legally broken. For some reason, the partnership with Retouch was not hidden by Paris and in fact, as of last September, she was tweeting how she was obsessed with her new shoe designs.

Just recently, Paril and Antebi Footwear Group filed legal documents to quit the claims against each other, citing the two had come to a confidential agreement and that all issues had been completely resolved. At their request, the court granted the motion for dismissal without prejudice.

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