Snitches Get Stitches – Suge Knight Refuses to Talk

suge knightSuge Knight who was struck with six bullets earlier this week at Chris Brown’s VMA pre-party refuses to assist law enforcement. Initially, police thought Brown was the target but it now appears that it was actually Knight the gunman was trying to take down. Even if he knows who the shooter was, Knight knows how the game is played.

Knight was rushed to the hospital where he underwent hours of surgery. According to close friends, he came out of surgery doing well and is fully conscious. In addition to Knight, several other partygoers were struck with 9MM bullets to include a female model who was hit behind one knee.

Currently, the shooter, as well as the reason behind the shooting, remains a mystery although police officers believe it has to do with some type of gang rivalry. In particular, law enforcement agents are trying to look at any connection between Knight, Brown, and The Game, who was also at the club. Although not confirmed, they believe there could be an affiliation to the Bloods gang, something that Brown has been accused of in the past.

According to several witnesses who attended the party, prior to the shooting, Brown was throwing up gang signs and wearing a red bandana, both monikers of the Bloods gang. It was also discovered that prior to the shooting, The Game was involved with a fight outside the club because they refused him entry. As a proud member of the Bloods, The Game may or may not have also been a target. Knight on the other hand has never denied having an affiliation with the gang.

At the time of the shooting, three well-known gang members were surrounding Brown, which could have made him a target as well. However, because he’s still on probation from the beating incident involving his ex-girlfriend, Rihanna, hanging around with the wrong people and throwing signs could be extremely problematic.

As for Suge Knight, police have reportedly tried to question him on multiple occasions but as of to date, he has nothing to say. In fact, a close friend said when he was first asked about the shooting, Knight’s response was, “I was shot?” The investigation into the shooting has been difficult at best. Not only is Knight refusing to cooperate but there has been minimal cooperation from eyewitnesses.

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