SNL Legend Don Pardo Dead at Age 96

Don-PardoBorn in 1918, the legendary announcer for Saturday Night Live (SNL) passed away during his sleep in his Tucson, Arizona home at the age of 96. Pardo was a mainstay with NBC for the past 70 years, lending his voice to various projects to include newscasts, game shows, and baseball games. For instance, starting in 1956, he spent seven years working on the highly popular television game show, “The Price is Right”.

After leaving that job, Pardo joined Jeopardy where he would work for the next 11 years. Other notables from Pardo’s career include being an RCA announcer, reprising his role as an announcer on the Weird Al Yankovic song, “I Lost on Jeopardy”, hosting the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade until 1999, and working on NBC Nightly News, among other things. The one announcement that will never be forgotten happened in 1963 while working the live booth for NBC, telling viewers that President John F. Kennedy’s had been assassinated.

There is no question that Don Pardo was a pioneer in the field of television but more importantly, someone who came into the hearts and homes of millions of fans. For his stint on SNL, Pardo could be heard saying from the very first episode – “It’s Saturday Night Live!” Although Saturday Night Live was cancelled in 2011, reruns are still seen throughout the country and as part of that, Don Pardo’s famous voice.

Of the 39 SNL seasons taped, Pardo was the booming voice that everyone loved for 38, having only missed season 7. Unfortunately, he also missed two episodes in 2013 due to a fractured hip. However, Pardo was a real trooper, a person that everyone could count on. This was a man with drive, determination, and dedication, a man who left his mark with an undeniably beautiful voice and spirit.

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