Stephen Collins: 7th Heaven Actor a Real Life Pedophile

Stephen CollinsWhen approached, not one cast member on the popular “7th Heaven” family television show would have guessed that Stephen Collins held dark secrets in real life. On the show, Collins played Eric Camden, a father who pastored a church and who along with his actress wife tried to raise a family to have good morals.

In reality, Collins reportedly admitted on tape to his soon-to-be ex-wife, Faye Grant that he molested and exposed himself to several pre-teen girls. Making matters worse, Grant confirmed that police had knowledge of the tape for two years without taking action.

With the release of the tape to media outlets, law enforcement is now opening a formal criminal investigation. The admission on the tape is quite graphic and detailed, with Collins stating that girls as young as 11, 12, and 13 were on the receiving end of his heinous acts.

One challenge that law enforcement officials face is that in the state of California, recording a conversation with the intent of gathering evidence of someone thought to have committed a violent felony is illegal but in light of the divulged information, officials are investigating.

This is not the first time the New York Police Department has investigated Collins. According to additional reports, he was the primary subject in a sex abuse investigation from a few years ago. However, no charges were ever filed because the statute of limitations had expired.

Because of the leaked information, Collins is feeling the wrath of fans but also executives within the entertainment industry. He resigned from his position on the National Board of the Screen Actors Guild, his appearance in Ted 2 has been cancelled, and 7th Heaven reruns will be halted.

In addition, Grant is facing struggles. Not only is she going through a messy divorce from Collins but has requested in a courtroom to be protected financially should any of his victims decide to file a lawsuit.

In a sworn declaration, Grant acknowledged that she could face civil or criminal liability because of Collins’ actions but also says her reputation and ability to make a living as an actress have been compromised.

Grant added that she thought the divorce would have been finalized long ago and now, he has put her in a very difficult situation. The couple shares a daughter and with his earnings of roughly $45,000 per month along with her income, they lived a lavish lifestyle. Grant feels that life as she knew it is forever gone and along with millions of 7th Heaven fans, she is shocked and sickened.

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