Steve Jones is going to host new E4 dating show — ‘Young, Free & Single: Live’

Steve JonesSteve Jones has been declared as host a new E4 dating show, ‘Young, Free & Single: Live’ where viewers can date with the contestants. The dating show will allow viewers where they can watch singles going on dates and then they have the chance to feedback live where they watch them, rate them and potentially date them.

The former ‘X Factor: US’ host said: ”The first think you ask when you meet a new couple is, ‘How did you meet?’ because it’s fascinating.

”So with this show, if we can actually show a genuine meeting of two people who go on to be together beyond that, I think that’s definitely worth watching.

”I’m fascinated by it. I can’t wait.”

In the programme six single people will share an apartment in London’s East End as they search for the one and looking for love.. All viewers can watch every text, call, date the contestants undertake and give feedback to them live.

Throughout the week each person will get to go on a date but will then have to watch the encounter back at the same time as viewers who will be on hand to tell them what they did well but also where they went wrong.

Members of the public will also be able to put themselves forward to take one of the contestants on a date.

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