Steve-O May be Prosecuted for SeaWorld Stunt

steve 0Steve-O is notorious for pulling stunts that are not only dangerous, but to many, disrespectful. Well he did it again and this time, his SeaWorld stunt may result in prosecution. What may have appeared to be a harmless protest has Steve-O in some serious hot water with law enforcement.

Using a large freeway sign for his protest, Steve-O changed the words “SeaWorld Drive” to “SeaWorld Sucks”. Apparently, the California Highway Patrol does not think his stunt is very funny and in fact, they are recommending charges. As part of the investigation, the “Jackass” star could face charges of trespassing (using a ladder to reach the sign) and vandalism.

Police were called to the scene but upon arrival, Steve-O and his five-man crew were gone. However, a video of the event was posted on and reviewed by law enforcement officials.

Currently, the San Diego District Attorney’s office has the video and will decide whether or not to go forward with charges. When asked about the stunt, Steve-O simply thanked the California Highway Patrol for breathing new life into the story, followed by “RIP Joan Rivers”.

As mentioned, this is not the first time Steve-O has been in trouble with authorities. Earlier this year, the Los Angeles City Fire Department responded to a 911 call to a West Hollywood coffee shop.

Upon arrival, it appeared he was having or had already had a seizure but it was quickly discovered that Steve-O along with three friends had faked simultaneous seizures. As imagined, police, paramedics, and fireman were unimpressed with his antics.

Also this year, Steve-O was criticized for his potentially life-threatening stunts to include doing a backflip off a bridge into shallow water. Although police threatened that Steve-O would be cited with some form of deadly conduct”, nothing ever came of the incident.

Although not a law in California, “Deadly Conduct is in Texas. With this, anyone who engages in reckless conduct that could place another person in danger of severe bodily harm could be charged with a misdemeanor punishable up to one year in jail.

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