Teresa and Joe Giudice Sentenced to Prison Time

Teresa and Joe GiudiceJoe and Teresa Giudice could have faced years behind bars for pleading guilty to multiple crimes to include bankruptcy fraud and conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud in connection with $5 million collected in loans for construction projects and mortgage payments, all under false pretense, but Judge Esther Salas handed down just 41 months for him and 15 months for her.

Joe is facing additional prison time for earlier crimes. One involved him using his brother’s name and identification to secure a driver’s license after having his revoked, another for failing to file a tax return 10 years ago, and a third for not filing taxes on $1 million in earnings between the years 2004 and 2008. Joe could also be deported back to his home country of Italy after serving time because he never became a US citizen.

After making a plea for leniency before Judge Salas, Joe received his sentence first. Teresa then begged the judge for probation and house arrest, citing she needed to be at home to care for her four young daughters. Judge Salas was not overly swayed, giving her 15 months in prison.

Committing the various crimes was bad enough but Judge Salas was none too pleased in learning that since all of this began, both Joe and Teresa have continued to live and flaunt a lavish lifestyle.

The judge staggered the sentences so one parent will be home with the daughters while the other one serves time. Teresa will be booked into prison on January 5, leaving Joe at home to care for Gia age 13, Gabriella 9, Milania 8, and Audriana, 5. She could be released early based on good behavior, after which time Joe will start doing his time while Teresa stays home.

The exact location of Teresa’s incarceration has not yet been revealed but more than likely, it will be somewhere relatively close to where the couple lives in New Jersey. At this time, Joe and Teresa have not released a formal statement although behind closed doors, they are reportedly blasting Judge Salas for giving her any time at all.

However, considering prosecutors pushed hard for a minimum of 21 months, Teresa should be counting her lucky stars. Apparently, Teresa’s legal team tried to convince the judge that the Real Housewives of New Jersey reality star was first and foremost, a mother and a daughter.

This strategy appears to have worked since Teresa was given only 15 months and Judge Salas stated that she is a devoted mom and using some of the discretion empowered to the court, sentencing was reduced. However, this “kind-hearted” decision has people around the world livid, believing that if Joe and Teresa were not well-known, the punishment would have been significantly worse.

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