“The Killing” Will End For Real This Time – Season 4

the-killing1“The Killing” is returning to this Friday for its final season. It will be a six episode run on Netflix. The series has been cancelled twice by its original channel, AMC. The second cancellation was after a cliffhanger finale for season three. In the episode, Seattle detective Sarah Linden killed her lover after discovering he was a pedophile and a serial killer. Netflix picked it up in order to show viewers the aftermath.

The show is based on the Danish drama “Forbrydelsen.”

The show will always be remembered best for something that the show had nothing to do with. AMC did not make it clear that the initial story arc would not be completed in an entire season, which sparked outrage in audiences. Even critics who initially praised the show turned on it and caused other shows to go the extra mile in making sure audiences knew, their mysteries would be solved by the season’s end.

After the incident, “The Killing” struggled to regain its reputation. But it continued despite the controversy to a second and third season, and was widely considered one of the better cable dramas on TV. It’s complicated and intelligent plot was sometimes called confusing and sometimes its singular style was dismissed as being grim.

But everything else aside, it is definitely one of the best acted shows. Ms. Enos and Joel Kinnaman have received much praise, as has Brent Sexton and Michelle Forbes playing the grieving parents for the first two seasons. The quality will continue for its final chapter with Ms. Enos and Kinnaman returning.

While there is superb acting, the four episode run from Netflix has disappointed some. The style is there but the story seems to lack some inspiration. Some viewers have remarked that it seems the writers overcompensated to not let down viewers. It seems that instead of a fascinating puzzle, the show is taking elements from prior seasons and just tossing them together. Also, the writers have taken the distressed characters and added in levels of distress that seem out of character.

But this could be a reason to be happy that the last season is on Netflix, all episodes will be available at the same time so it can be viewed in one sitting. Find out the answers and then let the show go for good. While most fans don’t think a happily ever after is likely, surviving might be a possibility.


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