The Mystery of Hollywood’s Invasive Drone

droneIn recent years, a number of Hollywood stars have become victims of stalkers, burglaries, and other unwanted criminal activity. Even after enhancing security, many continue to live in some degree of fear. To complicate things, a drone was seen flying over the police department a few weeks ago. Having law enforcement become the target of a potential security breach has raised the level of concern for many celebrities living in the area.

Two weeks ago, video was shot from a drone as it flew over the parking lot of the police department, capturing photos of undercover officers and prisoners alike behind a tall security wall. Obviously, this is a problem for the men and women in uniform who work to keep the peace and provide safety but it also makes many celebrities concerned that they too are being spied on while in the privacy of their own home.

To determine if any criminal laws were violated, the Los Angeles County District Attorney and Los Angeles City Attorney had a long, closed door meeting but discovered nothing could be done unless the drone flew lower than 400 feet since the higher airspace is protected by the FAA. Although worried about their own safety, law enforcement is more focused on the safety of local celebrities.

Tom Zebra, the man responsible, once again flew his drone around the San Pedro harbor a few days ago, at which time he was confronted by Port Police and told to land the aircraft. Once grounded, the drone was confiscated and Zebra arrested since flying an unmanned aircraft over or around a public beach is against city law. Zebra’s arrest quickly caught the attention of Los Angeles authorities. They realized their hands were not tied after all since flying an unmanned aircraft over any publicly owned space to include attached parking lots, golf courses, swimming pools, docking piers, and so on is illegal.

Authorities also discovered that an unmanned aircraft cannot fly over hiking trails and horse paths, as well as celebrities, particularly those living in Calabasas and the surrounding area. With this, law enforcement believe that Zebra can be prevented from flying his drone over the police department but more importantly, celebrity homes. The final step is to draft new legislation whereby unmanned aircrafts cannot fly over any private home, regardless of who lives there. For celebrities, especially those who have already faced security issues, this is welcoming news.

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