Time Magazine’s Person of the Year Announcement Coming

Person of the YearTime magazine’s Person of the Year, which was formerly called “Man of the Year”, is an annual issue whereby one individual, idea, object, or group is profiled as being the most influential that year. This tradition began in 1927 as an effort to correct the embarrassment of putting Charles Lindbergh on the cover after the devastating trans-Atlantic flight.

Since that time, both people and things have been featured on the magazine’s cover to include “Machine of the Year” in 1982 “Planet of the Year” in 1988. Being on the cover of Time magazine is a distinct honor although throughout the years, several notorious characters have been included such as Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin.

The name officially changed in 1999, becoming “Person of the Year” with high-profile people like Cynthia Cooper, Queen Elizabeth II, Bono, and Melinda and Bill Gates, among many others, making the cut. In fact, every President of the United States has graced the cover with the exception of Calvin Coolidge.

For 2014, several people were nominated to receive the honor of being Time’s Person of the Year to include Tim Cook CEO of Apple, Jack Ma who founded Alibaba, Roger Goodell the commissioner of the NFL, Vladimir Putlin the President of Russia, Massoud Barzani the Kurdish President of Iraq, and Taylor Swift, famous singer and songwriter.

However, in addition to individual names, there were several groups nominated as well such as caregivers of Ebola virus victims and protestors in Ferguson Missouri. Every person and group was nominated because Time magazine believes they had a strong impact on this year’s news.

There are specific things that each nominee did to make the list. For instance, Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO became the successor to Steve Jobs but also came out as being gay. Taylor Swift released her hit album called “1989”, was named the 2014 Billboard Woman of the Year, and boldly removed all of her music off the popular website Spotify.

Prior winners of Time magazine’s Person of the Year include Ben Bernanke in 2009, Mark Zuckerberg in 2010, The Protesters in 2011, President Obama in 2012, and Pope Francis in 2013 so following such powerful names would be a huge honor. This year’s winner will be chosen by the magazine’s editors and announced on Wednesday morning.

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