“Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon’s Mother Gloria passes away at 68

Jimmy FallonJimmy Fallon‘s mother Gloria Fallon has passed away Saturday at NYU Langone Medical Center in New York City. She died at 68.

Jimmy’s Friday episode “The Tonight Show” had canceled so that he could be with his mother in the hospital. A Fallon family member confirmed in a press statement, her mother died peacefully on Saturday and Jimmy was beside his mother when she passed away at the hospital.

In a recent statement, NBC postpones “Tonight Show” for the Nov. 6-10 episode in an honor of the Jimmy Fallon’s Mother. A repeat episode will be scheduled soon.

The 43-year-old comedian and host was in the hospital beside his ill mother when NBC canceled the episode. A September episode was aired in its place on November 3.

Fallon shared a touching moment with his own mother for #MomQuotes on Twitter: “My mom and I were talking on the phone for the third time that day and she actually said, ‘We don’t talk enough.” #MomQuotes”

Moreover, we don’t know when does Fallon tape a new Monday episode again.

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