Tony Soprano – Dead or Alive?

Tony SopranoIn real life, James Gandolfini, the actor who played Tony Soprano in the hit television series, The Sopranos, passed away but millions of viewers still have no clue whether his character on the show lived or died, until now. The Sopranos aired for six seasons, starting in 1999 and ending in 2007, following the lives of mobsters, specifically mob boss, Tony Soprano.

This American crime drama television series had followers from around the world, each tuning in weekly to watch the different characters balance the challenges of home life with the demands of a criminal organization. While not for the faint of heart, The Sopranos was a huge success and because of that, is still being shown as reruns and is available on DVD.

The last show of The Sopranos showed Tony, his wife, daughter, and son eating together in a favorite diner. As the camera scans the restaurant, a few shady characters seem to be lurking in the shadows. While listening to a song on the jukebox and waiting for their meal, gunfire erupts and the cameras go black. That ending left many people angry and feeling dissatisfied.

Since the last show of the series, people have pondered whether Tony Soprano, as well as his family, died or lived. Well, the creator of the show, David Chase, has remained tight-lipped regarding the finale and even when pressed for answers, he refused to tell anyone what really happened to the Soprano family.

Finally, Chase gave the answer to the question, “is Tony dead”, “No. Ne he isn’t” Although people have been waiting years to know something, Chase’s response creates even more curiosity considering the actor who played Tony has since died. So, what exactly does his answer mean and is it possible that The Sopranos will be revised in some manner?

In addition to revealing that Tony Soprano did not die, he shared that the show’s finale was based on a poem written by the famous poet Edgar Allen Poe called “Dream Within a Dream”. While the show could never be the same without James Gandolfini, fans of The Sopranos can always hope that somehow it could be rewritten and returned to television.

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