Victor Cruz sharing his experience with Odell Beckham Jr.

Victor Michael Cruz is an American football wide receiver for the New York Giants of the National Football League (NFL). He has the record of longest touchdown reception: 99 (2011). Cruz is using his experiences to advise Odell Beckham to handle a critical situation. He’s been advising Beckham Jr. about how to act on and off the field.

Odell Beckham has met difficulties in both arenas over the previous year. There have certainly been situations that could have been handled better. And that’s what Cruz is trying to aid to Beckham.

“Pretty understanding. I think he understands that this past year since last season has been a little bit of a whirlwind in that regard,” Cruz said. “He wants people to know him for him and how he’s a great player, great person, and how he wants to be perceived. And I think he has really taken charge of that and he’s just got to take it one day at a time.”

Odell Beckham Jr. played college football at Louisiana State University (LSU), and was drafted by the Giants in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft with the 12th pick. He has record as Most receptions in a player’s first two seasons (176), Fastest to reach 100 career receptions (14 games), Most games with 10+ receptions, 100+ receiving yards, 1+ TD reception, Season: 4, tying Torry Holt.

This makes Beckham an easy target of the opposition. Every move he makes is observed closely. And Cruz is trying to help him make the right decisions to avoid some of the faults he’s recently faced.

“I think he knows [he’s a target],” Cruz said. “He just has to understand how to combat that, how to talk to [the media], how to talk to people out in the streets, because anything he says is going to be used as a headline.”

Cruz thinks Beckham needs to choose his projects carefully. Cruz thinks Beckham has to be extra careful what he says, how he says it and whom he says it to in order to avoid those situations.

“Just understand that he’s going to be pulled and tugged just like we all are to do a bunch of things, but he has to be smart and understand that it’s okay to say no sometimes, whether on or off the field, to these obligations,” said Cruz. “He’s becoming slowly but surely a professional in understanding the rights and wrongs of this game and the rights and wrongs of his craft. I think it’s just going to take more and more repetition and more and more time day in and day out to understand what’s good and what’s bad.’’

He’s confident Beckham will cut good figure in future match.

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